Syntegra Has the World’s Largest Wi-Fi Network

The Wi-Fi SmartConnect app and SDK provide connectivity to 45+ million hotspots in 200+ countries and territories.

This includes tens of millions of community locations, local businesses, and restaurants; tens of thousands of hotels and hospitality venues; thousands of aircraft from dozens of leading airlines; 600+ of the world’s busiest airports; and more!

Intelligent Network Selection

Wi-Fi SmartConnect seamlessly hands off between Wi-Fi and cellular, choosing the best available network for a device’s needs. With intelligent network selection, your customers, employees, or devices will be able to take full advantage of Wi-Fi. For example, Syntegra Wi-Fi augments cellular by:

  • Reducing reliance on cellular data.
  • Enabling connections in places cellular struggles to reach (inflight and indoors, for instance).
  • Providing better overall connectivity experiences.


Yes, I Want This!

Secure with Last Mile VPN & One-Time Password

All it takes is one device connecting to one rogue hotspot for your entire organization to be put at risk. While most cyber-attacks are relatively benign, the fact of the matter is more serious attacks can have extraordinary operational and reputational costs — lost business, nervous investors, indignant press coverage, etc.

While the Last Mile VPN acts as a high security gateway between devices and the hotspot they access, one-time password ensures that device users won’t be required to enter sensitive login credentials every time they access the Internet. As such, they protect against common cybersecurity threats such as man-in-the-middle attacks, enabling you to improve the overall security of your organization, facilitate secure services for your customers, and build more robust Internet of Things (IoT) deployments and Machine-2-Machine (M2M) solutions.

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