Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Syntegra operates world’s largest Wi-Fi aggregator network.

Our Wi-Fi IoT connectivity solution enables IoT devices to connect over the Syntegra Wi-Fi network, with a policy driven approach to service usage and control.

Wi-Fi IoT connectivity is ideal for indoor and non-mobile IoT deployments since it provides stronger and more reliable coverage and a better user experience. It’s also a great way to augment mobile/cellular connectivity for outdoor and mobile IoT deployments since it can facilitate data transfers over open access networks at lower costs than cellular.

The Benefits of Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity

Why Syntegra? We do IoT better. Syntegra’s Wi-Fi IoT connectivity solution can be leveraged to improve businesses, cities, and organizations of all types. It’s great for manufacturing, medicine, precision manufacturing, and anywhere where there is a need for high bandwidth, low latency connectivity. It can be used in a variety of ways, for instance:

Let’s say you manufacture kitchen appliances and want to boost the overall value of your products while differentiating them from competitors. To accomplish this, you outfit your products with sensors capable of detecting mechanical failures, such as malfunctioning dishwasher pumps. This helps consumers understand why their appliances aren’t working and what they’ll need to do to get them back up and running.

With Wi-Fi Connectivity, these sensors will be able to alert your company’s control center to any malfunctioning parts, enabling you to reach out to customers directly to schedule repair appointments. In some instances, you’ll even be able to catch broken parts before they impact your customers. As such, not only will you be able to help customers repair appliances when they break, you’ll also be able to offer preventative maintenance assistance.

Connect My Appliances!

Syntegra’s IoT Wi-Fi Connectivity solution also offers several benefits to security equipment manufacturers. For instance, if a smart security camera identifies unusual movement, Syntegra will enable it to notify the device owner, who can then access the camera’s video stream and save it as a recording.

Moreover, Syntegra’s IoT Wi-Fi Connectivity solution can facilitate control over the camera’s mechanics, enabling device owners to pan the camera or zoom in and out.

Connect My Devices!

How Does Wi-Fi IoT Connectivity Work?

Syntegra’s Wi-Fi IoT connectivity is simple. Syntegra will provide you the Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK (Software Development Kit) which you can implement in your device, product, or solution. This implementation can be done after you have created your device or during development.

Syntegra’s Wi-Fi SmartConnect technology facilitates access to the largest aggregated Wi-Fi network in the world, with intelligent network selection for an always best-connected experience. This includes coverage in 200+ countries and territories at 24+ million community hotspots, 20+ million local businesses and restaurants, tens of thousands of hotels and hospitality venues, thousands of aircraft from dozens of leading airlines, and over 600 of the world’s busiest airports. The Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK is suitable for any operating system, including Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Linux, and more.

With Syntegra’s Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the benefits of Wi-Fi connectivity by connecting vehicles, industrial equipment and machinery, home appliances, cities, and more!

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