Syntegra for Hospitality

Like most industries, hospitality benefits from innovations in the connectivity space. Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and entertainment companies continue to find new ways to leverage Wi-Fi, mobile services, and the Internet of Things (IoT). They have been able to use these technologies to create operational efficiencies and bolster customer loyalty.

The Hospitality Industry Needs Connectivity!

People expect to be connected. Having access to the internet is no longer seen as negotiable — it is now essential, like food and water.

So, unsurprisingly, hospitality businesses of all types — from hotels to restaurant chains, travel agencies, and entertainment venues — are looking for ways to leverage connectivity technologies like Wi-Fi, cellular, IoT, and more. They have focused on:

  • Offering secure global Wi-Fi and other value-added products and services to bolster customer loyalty.
  • Using traveller insights to make informed marketing and brand partnership decisions.


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Introducing Syntegra for the Hospitality Industry.

Syntegra offers a full suite of connectivity products and solutions for companies operating across the hospitality industry — from food and beverage to travel and tourism, entertainment and recreation, and accommodation.

How Can the Hospitality Industry Leverage Syntegra?

Create More Enticing Loyalty Programs with Incenti-Fi + Veri-Fi

Syntegra’s Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi vouchers offer a valuable benefit (secure global Wi-Fi) that can be used to incentivize specific actions, such as signing up for a rewards program, booking a trip, etc. They can also be used to generate valuable customer insights.

Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers

Enable loyalty program members to seamlessly and securely access the Syntegra global Wi-Fi network, which includes hundreds of airports, thousands of hotels, millions of restaurants, and more.

Veri-Fi Customer Insights

SmartConnect monitors the Wi-Fi hotspots users encounter and sends anonymized information to the Syntegra cloud. This can be used to identify affiliate, affinity, and co-branding marketing opportunities.

Offer Mobile Connectivity as an Added Service

Launch a mobile brand. It’s one of the easiest, fastest, and most affordable ways to tap into new sources of revenue.

Connectivity for Business Teams

Connectivity is critical for business. The Syntegra Wi-Fi SmartConnect app and SDK offer seamless, secure Wi-Fi access at millions of locations around the world. It enables mobile workers to remain productive whether they’re at the local café or flying over the Atlantic.

On the Ground...

Connect at airports, hotels, convention centers, restaurants, cafés, and countless other venues.

In the Air...

Inflight Wi-Fi on thousands of flights from dozens of leading airlines.

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