Wi-Fi for Loyalty

Syntegra’s Wi-Fi offering, which facilitates secure connectivity at tens of millions of locations in 200+ countries and territories, is a great way to thank your customers, consumers, or subscribers for being loyal to your brand. It’s also a great way to incentivize them to stick with your services or solutions.

Syntegra’s Wi-Fi SmartConnect app and SDK can be leveraged to reward or improve loyalty by capturing your customers’ attention, spurring them to action, and providing access to measurable, tangible metrics that can be easily tracked.

Incenti-Fi Wi-Fi Vouchers

With Syntegra’s Incenti-Fi Vouchers, you’ll be able to incentivize your customers or subscribers by offering them secure access to the Syntegra global Wi-Fi network when they take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service.

These vouchers are acquired electronically and can be distributed via an app, email, website, or as hardcopies. Incenti-Fi may also be distributed as an entitlement, loyalty, or subscription program by leveraging the Wi-Fi SmartConnect SDK.

Once a recipient redeems their Incenti-Fi voucher, they’ll be able to connect seamlessly and securely to the Syntegra Wi-Fi network. Moreover, managing this process is simple…

Give Your Customers Access to the World’s Largest Wi-Fi Network

Syntegra’s Incenti-Fi vouchers give recipients instant access to the largest aggregated Wi-Fi network in the world. This includes the ability to connect at:

  • 24+ million community hotspots
  • 20+ million local businesses and restaurants
  • Tens of thousands of hotels and hospitality venues
  • Thousands of aircraft from dozens of leading airlines
  • 600+ of the world’s busiest airports


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Veri-Fi Customer Insights

Once you’ve deployed Incenti-Fi to drive conversions, you still need to maintain customer loyalty. This is where Veri-Fi comes in. By understanding what brands or services your customers are interested in, Veri-Fi can help you address both competitive threats as well as affiliate and affinity marketing opportunities.

Once the Syntegra app has been installed on a user’s device following an Incenti-Fi campaign, it monitors the Wi-Fi hotspots they encounter and sends anonymized information to the Syntegra SmartConnect cloud.

Syntegra’s Veri-Fi data, which is GDPR compliant, makes it possible for businesses to determine where their customers are shopping or traveling. It provides high-level accuracy both indoors and outdoors, and facilitates anonymized insights into the following information:

  • Device ID
  • Device type, operating system, and version
  • Device location (latitude, longitude, and altitude)
  • Wi-Fi connections (Wi-Fi network names and access points)
  • Wi-Fi networks encountered (Wi-Fi network names and access points)

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