Mobile Virtual Network Operator: Light / Thin MVNO

Syntegra’s light/thin MVNO solution is a highly scalable multi-tenant service delivery platform that gives MVNOs the ability launch new offerings either in the cloud or on-premise. Syntegra combines next-generation cloud technology with traditional telecom environments to enable you to create exciting new opportunities.

The main advantage of a light/thin MVNO is that, unlike a Full/Thick MVNO, you do NOT need to invest in expensive core network components. The money you save can then be used for things like marketing, outreach, sales, etc.

Syntegra enables you to manage your own mobile brand:

  • Customer experience
  • Sales and marketing (including your brand and go-to-market strategy)
  • Delivery, service management, and SIM order fulfillment
  • Billing and collections

Anybody Can Launch Their Own Mobile Services — Even You!

Syntegra’s Light/Thin MVNO offering is suitable for brands and businesses operating across all industries — not only telecommunications. Whether you run a bank, a big-box retailer, or a chain of supermarkets, you can leverage your existing customer base to launch a successful mobile offering. Syntegra connects to core telecommunications network, giving you the freedom to design and launch your own branded service offering.

Their are many reasons why it can be a huge success, for example.


Let’s assume you operate a small/medium or big chain of local retail stores. By launching your own light MVNO, you’ll be able to sell branded mobile subscriptions to differentiate yourself from competitors and drive customer loyalty.

You also have a big advantage you can use your local shops for advertising, selling mobile subscriptions and top-ups. Combining mobile subscriptions with other shop products into a special offer can create a huge spin-off.

I am looking for a Light MVNO!

Internet Service Provider, Cable Company or similar 

If you operate an ISP or cable company, then launching your own MVNO can help improve customer retention. By bundling mobile data, voice and SMS with your existing cable and internet offerings, you’ll be able to help your customers save money, incentivizing them to stick with your services.

When your existing customers live in a household with multiple people you can even make better combined offerings.

Sounds good, get me started!

Simple, Fast MVNO Solutions

Syntegra has made launching a cloud MVNO fast and simple. We’ll even help you get started — guiding you through the set-up process and helping finesse your service once you go live.

Moreover, while most solutions have a strict split between light MVNO and full MVNO services, this is not the case with Syntegra. Our environment offers the flexibility to include core network elements, typically associated with full MVNO, in a light MVNO deployment.

Finding the Right Solution...

Syntegra offers four different approaches to launching an MVNO:

  1. Fully API-based
  2. White labeled Provisioning and Customer Portal
  3. White labeled Provisioning Portal and API
  4. White Labeled Provisioning Portal and Customer Portal

Beyond these options, you can select from various service attributes.

Last, but certainly not least, you can select your desired Mobile Operator and create your own bundles (data, voice, and SMS).

Moreover, there are several expansion options, including Wi-Fi SmartConnect for data offloading.

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