Syntegra for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing is a cornerstone industry, with annual global output racing past $41.9 trillion for 2021 and beyond. In other words, manufacturing is competitive, and manufacturers are always on the lookout for ways to optimize efficiency, differentiate their products, and bolster customer and partner engagement.

Manufacturing in the Age of Connectivity

Manufacturing is changing rapidly. As a result, entrepreneurs, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and manufacturers operating across countless industries have begun looking for ways to differentiate their products, launch innovative solutions, optimize efficiencies, and bolster communications with customers and partners alike.

They’ve focused especially on:

  • Creating products that integrate seamlessly into their customers’ lives.
  • Differentiating their products from competitors.
  • Developing smart, IoT-enabled products.
  • Leveraging data to identify competitive threats and business opportunities.


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Introducing Syntegra for Manufacturing

To help you harness the potential of connectivity, Syntegra offers a comprehensive IoT platform capable of keeping your products connected while simultaneously enabling streamlined IoT management.

How Can Manufacturers Leverage Syntegra?

Keep Devices, Equipment, and other Products Connected No Matter What

Improve User Experiences and Boost Lifetime Value

Access Actionable Insights

Analyze Diagnostics and User Behavior

Gain insight into valuable product usage metrics. Uploading this information via Wi-Fi helps generate cost savings.

Partner Marketing

Leverage Wi-Fi SSIDs to see which restaurants, stores, and other locations users visit. Launch campaigns in partnership with brands based on user preferences.

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