IoT Connectivity Management

Syntegra’s Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Management solution is a multi-vendor, multilayer service that enables you to manage all your IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) deployments.

This means you’ll have insight into all user/device and machine/system connections. You’ll also be able to manage connections, activate or deactivate connections, assign policy profiles, define connectivity and rating policies, generate usage reporting, etc.

Why Do You Need IoT Connectivity Management?

IoT is an ascendant industry, with tens of billions of connected devices active all over the world. So, as you conceptualize your future IoT solutions, you should consider that you’ll be facilitating hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of connections every day. This means you’ll need a good environment from which to facilitate connectivity management and control. Here are some use cases:

Mobile Operator

Let’s assume you’re a Mobile / Cellular Operator and already have many mobile / cellular subscribers. To expand your market, you want to offer a connectivity solution to IoT developers. However, since your current management environment is not ready to handle millions of connections, you do not want to mix mobile / cellular subscribers and IoT connectivity.

The Syntegra IoT Connectivity Management solution, which integrates seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, can handle millions of IoT connections and makes it easy for you to manage them.

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IoT Solution Provider

You are an IoT solution provider and already have agreements with Telecom Operators, Mobile Network Operators, eSIM providers, and other providers of connectivity solutions. You do not have a clear overview of the connections and are unable to manage all these connections.

The Syntegra IoT Connectivity Management solution solves this problem, since it can handle various types of connectivity and facilitates connectivity management from a single central platform.

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IoT Connectivity Management and More!

Syntegra’s Internet of Things (IoT) Connectivity Management Platform is flexible, scalable, and uses state of the art connectivity technologies that enable you to easily connect and manage your IoT services.

Moreover, Syntegra’s IoT solution is multi-tenanted, so your partners can connect and manage their own IoT services, in their own secure and controlled environment.

The Syntegra IoT solution facilitates quick and efficient launches of new IoT services and enables you to manage your connected IoT devices, appliances, and services in real time.

Besides the Syntegra IoT Connectivity solution, Syntegra also provides integration for other connectivity environments. This includes:

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IoT Connectivity Management Features:

  • EPortal
  • Customer management
  • Partner management
  • User account management
  • Product catalogue
  • Usage visualization
  • Invoice environment
  • Logistics interface
  • Provisioning interface
  • IoT control panel interface
  • Assent management
  • Subscription management
  • Connectivity management
  • Rating engine
  • Analysis
  • Diagnostics
  • Notifications
  • Preventive alerts
  • Accounting interface
  • Payment interface

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