Syntegra for the Financial Services Industry

Over the last couple decades, digitization has revolutionized the financial services industry. Online banking, neobanks, mobile wallets, commission-free trading apps, and “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) apps have all democratized finances for countless people the world over. Likewise, the rise of digital ledgers and blockchain technologies have facilitated numerous innovations in cryptocurrencies, digital coins, and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

The Rise of Digital Finance

Financial services are evolving rapidly. As a result, entrepreneurs and industry stalwarts operating in banking, insurance, fintech, and other financial sectors have begun looking for ways to diversify their offerings, launch innovative new solutions, and access new markets.

They’ve focused especially on:

  • Creating durable relationships with clients, cardholders, policyholders, etc.
  • Differentiating their brands from competitors.
  • Leveraging data to identify competitive threats and business opportunities.


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Syntegra's Products and Solutions

Syntegra offers a full suite of products and solutions for banks, insurance companies, fintech companies, credit card companies, and other financial institutions and organizations.

How Can Financial Services and Fintech Companies Leverage Syntegra?

Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Add New Products and Services to Diversify Business

By launching branded mobile services banks, credit card brands, insurance companies, and other financial services can leverage their industry recognition to access new markets and establish new revenue streams. They can build lasting relationships by converting clients, cardholders, and policyholders into subscribers. And the best part is, they don’t need to become telecommunications experts to get started!

Create More Attractive Loyalty and Reward Programs

Credit card companies, insurance providers, and other financial services need loyalty programs that capture their customers’ attention, spur them to action, and deliver actionable metrics. Syntegra’s Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi vouchers offer a valuable benefit that can be used to incentivize specific actions, such as taking out an insurance policy or signing up for a credit card. They can also be used to generate actionable customer insights.

Improve Customer Experiences

Enable Smart Kiosks and Other IoT Offerings

Smart kiosks can help banks and other brick-and-mortar businesses reduce lines, provide more efficient services, reduce labor costs, boost revenue, and, most importantly, improve customer satisfaction. The Syntegra SmartConnect solution can facilitate always-best-connected experiences for smart kiosks and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Identify Marketing Opportunities and Competitive Threats

By deploying Syntegra’s Incenti-Fi Promotional Wi-Fi Vouchers financial services can access anonymized, first-party location data via visual Wi-Fi dashboards. This means they can monitor which brands and services customers like best by identifying the Wi-Fi SSIDs they most frequently encounter. This can be used to address both competitive threats and affiliate, affinity, and cross-marketing opportunities.

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