Elo Earns
The Credit

The first wholly Brazilian credit card brand, Elo was launched in 2011 as a partnership between three of Brazil’s largest banks, Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and CAIXA.

Together, the three banks represent nearly three quarters of the total banking accounts in the country.

With plans to extend the brand internationally, they had a challenge:

How to stand out from international competition with a high-end card offering.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Elo’s goal was to target high-value, international customers with gold and platinum cards that offered premium services.

A customer survey into proposed services revealed clear demand for terrestrial and in-air Wi-Fi connectivity.

Wi-Fi-as-a-benefit would be an industry-first for credit card issuers, allowing Elo to demonstrate market leadership.

Elo needed a global partner that could help them launch and deliver this service quickly and cost-effectively.

Elo chose Syntegra’s Experience Cloud and Smart Network to support the launch.

What were the Challenges?

Adding More Services

Syntegra’s Smart Network offers seamless, secure and unified mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity in over 200 countries, on the ground and in the air.

And with the Experience Cloud, Elo can centrally manage services chosen from a rich portfolio of API-driven experiences.

Elo was able to launch its Wi-Fi-as-a-benefit in record time. The company is now adding additional services to the mix, including promotional services and location analytics for granular customer insights.

With Syntegra’s Experience Cloud, Elo is continuing its disruptive progress as an international leader in the credit-card issuer market.

What were the Results?