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September 6, 2022

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What Is a Branded Reseller MVNO?

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In this blog post we define branded reseller mobile virtual network operators (MVNO). More specifically, we discuss the following:

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What Is an MVNO?

We’ve discussed this in previous blog posts as well as on our various product pages, but it’s worth repeating for the first-timers.

A mobile virtual network operator (MVNO / VNO) is a company that provides wireless communications services but does not own their own network infrastructure. Instead, they facilitate mobile connectivity for their subscribers by purchasing bulk access to network services from mobile network operators (MNO) and other network service providers at wholesale rates. As such, MVNOs can set retail prices independently, in alignment with the needs of their intended market segments.

MVNOs are increasingly popular among consumers since they tend to offer more flexibility than major carriers. Indeed, MNOs tend to have much larger customer bases, meaning their services need to appeal to broader swathes of the market. This leads to generic services, rigid pricing, one-size-fits-all data plans, and uninspiring branding.

By contrast, the pricing and branding independence enjoyed by MVNOs enables them to home in on ultra-specific customer segments, like low-income consumers, students, the elderly — basically anyone that doesn’t fall neatly into the generic plans offered by MNOs.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of MVNOs: full MVNOs, light MVNOs, and the subject of this article, branded resellers.

What Is a Branded Reseller MVNO?

Of the three primary types of MVNOs, branded resellers are the most lightweight, making them the easiest to set up, with the lowest barriers to entry.

Indeed, branded resellers are MVNOs that leverage predefined settings, tariffs, and bundles from existing service providers (MNOs, MVNOs, MVNEs, etc.) and sell them under their own brands. Since they defer to these readymade environments, they’re able to focus on things that are more in line with their expertise — things like sales, marketing, relationship-building, etc.

Branded reseller MVNOs also tend to have the shortest time-to-market. This means they’re one of the most convenient options for businesses that want to grow their brand, diversify their offerings, or expand into industries like telecommunications or the Internet of Things (IoT).

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What Are Some Examples of Branded Resellers?

Now let’s put things into some context. Branded reseller MVNOs are an especially popular option for retailers, supermarkets, and other brick-and-mortar chains with established, reliable customer bases. This is because it enables them to offer valuable services without having to invest the time or resources to become experts in the telecommunications sector. Indeed, coming up with branding and keeping staff up to date on the latest prices, deals, and options is the extent of their involvement.

Branded resellers like Walmart, ALDI, and others can use their brand recognition to convert shoppers into subscribers. Not only does this enable them to create entirely new and dependable streams of revenue for their businesses, but it also gives them a new avenue by which they can foster lasting customer relationships. In addition, this extra point of contact can be used to drive engagements, promote sales, and improve customer services and experiences.

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